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Die-cutting machine for large size packs

Elephant 35 and 50

Semi-automatic die-cutting machine built to spare the operator the physical exertion needed to handle large and heavy dinking dies and provide an absolute guarantee of safety.

The pack to be cut is always loaded off-board the machine on a trolley travelling on tracks; the operator starts the cycle and the machine conveys the pack into the cutter, cuts it and brings it outside. Special tampers with adjustable pressure allow the cutting or die-cutting of various materials (embossed paper, wallpaper, cardboard). The machine can be mounted with straight or zig-zag blades, and can perform linear, bilateral, trilateral or angular cuts.


Hydraulic flat pack die-cutting machine for automatic die-cutting. It receives the product to be die-cut and automatically conveys it to the packaging line. Possible to output the die-cut product in line or at a 90 degree angle.

Technical specifications
MODEL 35 50 AT
Max pack size cm. 35X45 cm. 50x50 cm. 40x60
Max pack height mm. 200 mm. 200 mm 90
Movements per minute 3-6 3-6 20
Movements hydraulic hydraulic brushless
Installed power kw 6 kw 8 kw 18
Working force t 30 t 50 t 20
Overall floor dimensions cm. 100x150 cm. 130x150 cm 120x200
Weight kg 1500 kg 1800 kg 2500

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Elephant AT Elephant AT Elephant AT Elephant AT